Our Master Chocolatiers at our Cococo Chocolatiers Inc. factory in Calgary, Alberta have been handcrafting our signature chocolates for more than 20 years. They use only the finest ingredients to pair with our all-natural chocolate - such as certified organic fruits, nuts and dairy - and all of our chocolates are preservative free and locally made. Our selection of quality assorted chocolates, chocolate covered delights and fun-shaped chocolate molds make great gifts for holidays, special days and everyday!

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BJ Tumanut
BJ is our fearless leader as owner of Chocolate’s by Bernard Callebaut Red Deer and is the original CocoLady. She has dabbled in wine and chocolate for many years now with past career credits including wine buyer and manager of three Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut locations in Edmonton. After purchasing the Red Deer store in 2011 she quickly became an integral party of the community with her involvement in Rotary, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, Social Media Breakfast, and so many other events and organizations. Though she is busy pursuing many different wine and chocolate adventures throughout western Canada she’ll always be a fixture in the Red Deer community. Favourite Chocolate - Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Kayla was hired in 2011 and has since come to know the inner workings of BJ’s brain so thoroughly that she has stepped into the role of General Manager, taking over whenever BJ steps away. Always a lover of food, Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut was a natural fit for her and she has loved gaining more knowledge and experience in the chocolate and wine industries. She takes advantage of every opportunity to taste a new wine paired with a perfect chocolate or a great slice of cheese. Aside from food she loves her wonderful husband, her cat, and a great old Hollywood flick like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Favourite Chocolate - Pecamel.





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