Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

October 18, 2017

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

With fall in full swing, we can find spices in abundance. To be honest, deciding what to make for Thanksgiving dessert this year was somewhat tedious as I went through Facebook sponsored post after sponsored post. Once I watched a few recipe videos and read through ingredient lists, I settled on two pumpkin pies that kept within my fall spice theme, but were anything but your regular pumpkin pie format. 

First was the chocolate pumpkin pie. I quite enjoy whipping up pie pastry and biscuit dough, so I wanted to keep with this base. I found a recipe for chocolate pie pastry on the Martha Stewart website called Super-Simple Chocolate Pie Crust. I was excited to read that they used both cocoa powder AND coffee. It was as easy to make as any other pie dough, however I did use Crisco instead of butter like the recipe wanted (more on this later).

For the filling, I settled on a Food Network recipe called Chocolate Pumpkin Pie. I had only a few hours to finish dessert at this point of my weekend, and I had all the ingredients for this pie. Grocery stores were beginning to run low on pie ingredients, and I was unable to go from store to store looking for sought after cans of pumpkin and heavy cream. In the end, I am very glad that this is what I chose. The chocolate pie base was not everything I hoped it would be. It actually lacked the iconic flakiness and seemed a bit dry. However, I think this was in part to the Crisco I used as opposed to butter. I always use butter and have great results. I should never have tried to fix a recipe that was not broken ;) 

I found that this crust shrank more than any other crusts have. If you have reason to make a chocolate pie pastry (cinnamon apple chocolate pie, maybe), make sure the crust is more than to to edge of the pie plate. However, one positive element is the nice and light chocolate flavour. I used our Natural Cocoa Powder and was pleased with how it reacted.

The chocolate pumpkin filling was softer than a ganache, but firmer than pumpkin pie. It also did not have a strong pumpkin flavour at all, and tasted more like a chocolate nutmeg pie, which was all kinds of yummmmm. I used our Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut pieces 56 gram bars, which gave the filling another soft crunch and holiday flavour. NOT a mistake. I would do this again.

Days later, this is still what I seek for when I open my fridge door. I would probably make an oreo crumb crust next time, but at this point I have no regrets! Plus, my daughter and I made little leaves with the extra pie crust for decoration, and that is a memory I will cherish for years!


Next I decided to go for the popular Facebook video titled Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie. This pie was by far the Thanksgiving favourite. With a pecan and ginger cookie crust, it started off with the spices I was looking for. And then there was the easy factor! As long as you have a food processor to help you with the base and a mixer to whip up your cream, you are set. Just make sure that you make this pie one day ahead to allow proper freezing.


If you are interested in the recipe, I found the link and posted below:

Note that the adorable chocolate pie pastry leaves also made it onto this pie :D . She’s four, how can you say no?! Add some shaved chocolate (which we also carry) and you would have a show stopper dessert that everyone will be asking about. It is probably wise to make two.


As we draw closer to the winter season, kitchen enthusiasts will find more reasons to need fancy and fun desserts (holiday parties, anyone?). Before you get overwhelmed by the process, we hope you will think about Chocolates By Bernard Callebaut and how we would love to give you a hand! Keep some chocolate in your pantry so that you are ready to whip up those tasty treats, and get ready to take all the credit! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

- Cassie C.

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