Chocolate Love Stories

February 08, 2016

One of things I love most about what I do for work is the role our chocolate plays in the lives of our customers. People buy our chocolates to celebrate, to say thank you, to share with their friends, to propose to their sweethearts, to apologize, or just treat themselves. I love that we're part of some of the most intimate moments of people's lives. It makes me feel like part of their family. 

This Valentine's, I am sharing a few of these customer chocolate love stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (PS - the last story is mine!)

"Although she initially only saw me as a friend, I tried to impress upon Michelle that I was a man of sophistication, taste and worthy of her love. Together with a selection of her favourite chocolates from Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut, my charm and magnetic personality I began to woo her." - Doug 

"The delicious chocolates and this wonderful man melted my heart and on Valentine's Day we were engaged to be married and have been together ever since. 17 years later, I still love this man AND your chocolates!" - Michelle 

P.S. The chocolate wooing tradition is now being passed on to the next generation. This Valentine's Day, their 15 year-old son will be buying his first box from Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut for his sweetheart!

It’s amazing how a little bit of chocolate can have a hand in turning a beautiful friendship into a #chocolatelovestory!

“Our chocolate love story happened by accident. While running errands I wandered into a nearby chocolate store just to check it out. I purchased a box of chocolates for my then girlfriend and it turns out this would be the first of many trips to Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut. Once she was addicted to their dark chocolate she had no choice but to marry since I now knew the secret to her heart. Sixteen years later Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut is still a staple in our household and a sweet token of our love for each other. After coming home from working on the road I often stop in and pick up a few of her favourites: Bernard, Amaretto and Rhum so she knows how much I missed her.” - Dale


chocolate love story

“Even though chocolate is a major theme in our relationship, I ironically neglected to bring BJ chocolates our entire first year of dating…and BJ reminds me of this ALL the time.” - Mike

“It’s ironic because Mike and his family have owned the Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut stores in Edmonton for over 30 years!” - BJ

“I quickly made up for my mistake, though. I hired BJ to manage our Edmonton chocolate stores. It turned out she and I had the same passion for chocolate and now she had access to all the chocolate she could eat.” - Mike

“Then in 2011, Mike generously helped me make the move to Red Deer to own and operate the Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut. Even though we don’t live in the same city anymore, Mike and I continue our chocolate adventures together. We go on chocolate tours on holidays, take chocolate making classes together, experiment with chocolate recipes at home and ALWAYS share chocolatey desserts…before dinner of course ; )” - BJ

After almost 15 years together, we’re very grateful for our ultimate chocolate love story. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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