Troubled Monk Chocolate Cherry Porter

November 12, 2015

Troubled Monk Chocolate Cherry Porter


Garret Troubled Monk Brewery Red Deer

Our chocolate covered organic BC cherries have been one of our most popular holiday sellers for decades. We start with the very best organic cherries from British Columbia and soak them in liqueur for at least 100 days. Next, each cherry is hand-dipped in fondant and then several times in semi-sweet chocolate. Over time the fruit gradually turns into liquid, and the final result is one of my favourite adult treats for the holidays!

Speaking of chocolate cherries, last week I had the pleasure of visiting Troubled Monk Brewery for the first time. They had tweeted an invite to come by for a cask tasting of a new experimental flavour: Chocolate Cherry Porter. They didn't have to ask me twice! I was in!

Troubled Monk Brewmaster, Garret Haynes, created the Chocolate Cherry Porter using a robust porter as the base and allowing it to mix in a 40 litre cask with our Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut Semi-Sweet Shavings and sweet dark cherries for one week. The result is a smooth, full-bodied, deliciously chocolate brew. The chocolate is very obvious up front and mid-pallet with a full, rich finish with absolutely no bitter notes at the end. Though the flavour of the cherries isn't completely noticeable, I think the sweetness balances the roasted and bitter notes normally experienced with robust porters. 

Although the Chocolate Cherry Porter is not one of their regular offerings, they plan on ageing the non-flavoured porter in barrels to mellow out some the bitterness and will make both available for "educational" purposes Lol 

Troubled Monk opened in June 2015 and is already being recognized as making great beer. Check them out! In addition to the brewery, Troubled Monk beer can also be found at Bo's Bar, Heritage Ranch, Famoso Pizza and Liquor Crossing.

Troubled Monk is owned by two local brothers, Charlie and Graeme Bredo and all the beer is made by Garret. These fine gentlemen are happy to be a part of something our community enjoys and appreciate everyone's support!

Charlie Bredo Troubled Monk Brewery Red Deer

Want to know how beer is made? Check out this video I made of Garret explaining the process!

 There's also talk of a beer and chocolate tasting! Comment here if you are interested and we'll keep you posted!

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