Wine & Chocolate Gifts Under $50

May 07, 2015

Wine & Chocolate Gifts Under $50

This one is just for you, Wine & Chocolate Lovers! 

Whether you are hosting a party, need a hostess gift, a client gift or want to enjoy a perfect wine & chocolate pairing yourself, here are three delicious suggestions under $50!

One of the most popular pairings we share at our wine & chocolate parties is the Susana Balbo Late Harvest Malbec (Argentina, $23) and our Cinnamon Ginger ganache. The experts tell us that wine and chocolate generally do not pair well together, however this pairing is the pinnacle of pairing perfection! Our Cinnamon Ginger chocolate is a bittersweet ganache flavoured with your favourite holiday flavours and compliments the rich plum and spice flavours of this elegant dessert wine. Gift this wine with a 165g Copper Box of our Assorted Dark Chocolates (don't forget the Cinnamon Ginger). Total for this gift is $49!

Many wine lovers are familiar with the Malbec grape, but what about Muscat? Though you may not be as familiar with Muscat, I promise you the Quady Winery's Elysium (California, $15) is a game changer when it comes to wine & chocolate pairings. Try this wine with a dark chocolate molten cake, our decadent Champagne Truffles or better yet...try them with our Organic Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherries. Our cherries are marinated in brandy for 100 days before they are dipped in fondant sugar and coated with our signature dark chocolate! These cherries are only available once a year and we generally run out a few days before Christmas so make sure you get your cherries soon! Pair this affordable wine with about 6 of our Organic Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherries for $48.

Finally, though we can't technically call this next wine a Port, the Woodstock Fortified Shiraz (Australia, $26) is made in the famous vintage Port style. Port, a textbook pairing for chocolate, has a twist Down Under being made with their famous Shiraz. In keeping with this "off the beaten track" approach, I suggest you pair this with our assorted chocolate box called The Twelve. This box has one each of all of our newest, most inventive and creative fillings like our Sea Salt Caramels, Mango Peppercorn, Earl Grey and Honey Anise! This duo offers a lot of bang for your buck at $47.

I'd love to hear about some of your favourite wine & chocolate pairings! Drop me a line and let me know if you've found a perfect pairing. You can also join us for one of wine & chocolate parties offered throughout the year!


Please note, we do not sell these wines at our chocolate store.  However, all of the wines mentioned in this blog can be found at Liquor Crossing in Red Deer, Alberta.

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