Chocolate Tart with Poached Pear

November 01, 2014


This past July I rolled up my sleeves and got chocolate wasted at the "For The Love of Chocolate Boot Camp" at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton). Living up to the name "Boot Camp", the course itinerary was intense! Lessons included: chocolate basics, baking with chocolate, creating chocolate decorations, savoury chocolate applications and frozen chocolate desserts. 

I eagerly flipped through our course workbook during our first breakfast and was excited to see we were to make a chocolate dessert with poached pears. I've always loved poached pears but have never made them myself. I was pleased to see that the recipe was quite easy!

This recipe is ideal to prepare for holiday entertaining. It's easy, delicious and fills your house with winter aromas of cinnamon, orange zest and red wine! If you end up making this recipe, please let me know and I'll be right there ; )


Chocolate Short Dough

Icing sugar, 60 g
Unsalted butter, 200 g
Egg, 50 g
Vanilla Extract, 5 ml
Flour, 255 g
Cocoa Powder, 8 g
      1. Cream sugar, butter, egg and vanilla in bowl.
      2. Sift flour and cocoa together.
      3. Combine flour into sugar mixture making sure not to over mix.

      Chocolate Filling


      Heavy whipping cream, 400 g
      Semi-sweet chocolate, 300 g
      Invert sugar, glucose or corn syrup, 50 g
      Unsalted butter, 100g

      1. Heat cream to a simmer.
      2. Pour hot cream per finely chopped chocolate.
      3. Stir in invert sugar and butter.

      Poached Pear


      Sugar, 200 g
      Red wine, 200 ml
      Cinnamon stick, one
      Orange zest, one
      Peeled pears

      1. Simmer ingredients together.
      2. Let pears simmer until soft, approximately 30 minutes.

       Serve with vanilla ice cream or freshly whipped cream and enjoy!





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