Soroptimist Club of Central Alberta

October 28, 2013

Women helping women

One of the many qualities our community has to be proud of is our volunteers. Our thousands of volunteers help make Red Deer a beautiful, safe, fun, clean place to live. One of our city's lesser known volunteer clubs is the Soroptimist Club of Central Alberta. This group works to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. The Soroptimist Club is celebrating their 25th anniversary on Friday, November 8th. This year's theme is "Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls" where they will have duelling DJ's, contests, prizes and silent auction. It's going to be a fun night and I am really looking forward to it! Tickets are $80 each and all the money raised will  go toward their efforts to support the women in Central Alberta. I recently sat down with Joanne Bucklee, a long-time member of the local Soroptimist Club so I could learn more about what they do. Soroptimist
Why did you join Soroptomists?
"I joined to do something for myself and something for the community through the one organization.  I have met wonderful  like minded women from all over the world."
What is the accomplishment you as a Soroptimist are most proud of?
"The difference that Women's Opportunity awards make to the recipients and their families.  But as I drive around Red Deer I see so many areas where I know the club has contributed: trees growing on 67th Street that we planted, the hospital, the college, habitat for humanity, womens outreach.  It makes me proud. I am also proud of the growth and development I see in individual members."
What is something you would like to achieve as a Soroptimist that you have not yet achieved?
"I would like great name recognition of Soroptimist in the community."
How does being a Soroptimist benefit you?
"There are Red Deer red stetsons in California, Philadelphia, and Guam thanks to my participation in Soroptimist."
Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls is a new event in Red Deer, what can we expect?
"The dueling DJ event will be fun, fun, fun!!!" If you're interested in purchasing tickets, please contact my "sweet" friend Lynn Rienguette owner of Candy Bags Sweet Stop at 403-348-9707 or at

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