Cheers to the Chocolate Chase

September 04, 2013 1 Comment

Red Deer Centennial Chocolate Chase

Have you ever had one of those days that just plain rocked? You know...nothing but sunshine, surrounded by friends, smiling faces, hair looks good, planets are aligned, glass is half full and nothing but good vibes everywhere? Well, I had one of those days on Sunday at our Red Deer Centennial Chocolate Chase! Red Deer Centennial Chocolate Chase When I heard about the 2013 Red Deer Centennial last year, I immediately wanted to participate but I never imagined we would accomplish an event this successful. The Chocolate Chase exceeded all my expectations. Mother Nature repaid us for having to postpone the event after the floods in June by delivering the most perfect weather imaginable for our 3k/5k family fun run. We had over 300 friends, families, runners, walkers, doggies, superheroes and chocolate lovers participate. Chocolate Chasers enjoyed breakfast, ice cream, face painting, bouncy castle fun, obstacle courses, golf and "selfie" contests and chocolate of course! It was a great way to wrap up the summer and send the kids back to school with a smile and chocolate on their faces : ) Red Deer Centennial Chocolate Chase I'm a believer that chocolate brings people together and the Centennial Chocolate Chase was an excellent example of just that. It's my hope to take the Centennial Chocolate Chase and "run" with it next year and the years to come (yes, pun was intended!). So we were excited to have been approached by a couple of organizations who are interested in partnering for future Chocolate Chases. If your organization is interested or if you have constructive feedback from our event this year, please let me know! Red Deer Centennial Chocolate Chase There are so many people to thank for making this event happen. Thank you to Leslee Burton for coming up with this fabulous idea and to both Leslee and Tracey Gall for being such joys to work with. Thank you to the people at the Red Deer Centennial office, volunteers and participants for waking up early on the long weekend and being so cheerful : ) Thank you to all of our sponsors, media partners and vendors, particularly the Food Bank who helped us out in a pinch! And thank you, Red Deer! Happy 100th Birthday! Red Deer Chocolate Chase Please visit the Red Deer Centennial website for upcoming events...we still have 4 more months of celebrating! You can also find out about our store's upcoming events by following our Facebook page.

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Brenda Sargeant
Brenda Sargeant

June 05, 2014

GREAT event BJ, proud of you & everyone who was a part of it. Kudos to Leslie for the kickin’ idea! Glad to hear there are plans in the works for future ones!

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