Savouring Summer & Celebrations

July 10, 2013

Summer memories | Summer flavours | Summer celebrations

I was kind of nerdy when I was a little kid (I'll pretend you looked shocked). Many of my summer memories included regular trips to the safe, air-conditioned public library where I competed against even nerdier kids in cut-throat book report contests. Regardless of this stressful childhood tradition, summer has always been my favourite time of year.

Chocolates Bernard Callebaut Saskatoon Berry Summer Treat

My taste buds instinctively crave my favorite summer childhood flavours when the thermometer climbs over 20 degrees: juicy watermelon, sweet & salty Filipio barbeque, tart lemonade. Now, having been involved with the yumminess of Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut for over 10 years, new summer flavours compete for my attention: Saskatoon berries, creamy Coconut and frozen chocolate covered bananas. Knowing our Alberta Summers only last a couple of short months, I make sure to relish every moment I have to savour my favorite summertime treats!

Chocolate Bernard Callebaut Banana Monkey Tails

Summer is also celebration time at our store : ) Anniversaries are for sure my favorite summertime celebration. Helping new and "experienced" couples choose the perfect chocolates for their anniversary gifts and hearing their stories warms my heart and reminds me to be grateful for my sweetie. And of course we wouldn't have summer anniversaries without summer weddings! I love getting caught up in the excitement of hosting bachelorette chocolate parties and helping couples choose their chocolate wedding favors. (Check out Wedding Saviours - a "pay it forward" wedding concept we're participating in this year.) Most importantly are Summer birthdays! Did you know that there are more people who celebrate their birthdays in August than any other month? I'm one of them! It must have something to do with our long, cold winters ; )

Chocolates Bernard Callebaut Bachelorette Party

This Summer, whether you want to explore new flavours, get back in touch with your favorite childhood flavours or have something to celebrate - come by and see us! We're sure to have something perfect just for you!

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