I’m BJ Tumanut, Owner of Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Friends call me CocoLady.


Chocolate Chase 2016

May 08, 2016

Chocolate Chase 2016
Mark your calendars, Chocolate Lovers! The 3rd Annual Chocolate Chase will take place on Sunday, August 28th!
You'll be happy to know that Chocolate Chase registration in online this year (Yay!). Click here for all Chocolate Chase 2016 information and registration.
Feel free to share our fun event with your friends, family, co-workers and social media network using the hashtag #ChocolateChase. The more the merrier!

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Chocolate Love Stories

February 08, 2016

One of things I love most about what I do for work is the role our chocolate plays in the lives of our customers. People buy our chocolates to celebrate, to say thank you, to share with their friends, to propose to their sweethearts, to apologize, or just treat themselves. I love that we're part of some of the most intimate moments of people's lives. It makes me feel like part of their family. 

This Valentine's, I am sharing a few of these customer chocolate love stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (PS - the last story is mine!)

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